Miriam Jacobson, MS, RD, CNS, blends a vitamin C smoothie recipe—made with entire fruits, greens, and protein—to fortify your immune system.

If you’re like most individuals proper now, you most likely have immune safety in your thoughts. While dietary supplements for immunity can positively assist maintain your well being in preventing form, it’s also possible to discover alternative routes to amp up your consumption of protecting vitamins. Here’s a scrumptious smoothie recipe that offers you over 300 % of your each day want for vitamin C. It’s excellent for a fast breakfast or wholesome snack.

NutritIon Highlights

This vitamin C smoothie recipe with entire fruits, kale, almond milk, and protein powder packs 229 milligrams of vitamin C. (For reference, the each day minimal requirement is at 60 milligrams.)

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is important for immune well being in two methods. First, it’s an important nutrient that helps your physique create white blood cells (like neutrophils and lymphocytes, amongst others) that assist battle off an infection. Second, vitamin C can be an antioxidant that protects immune cells from injury and fortifies your system total. In instances when your immunity is compromised, it’s essential to get greater than sufficient vitamin C.

Additionally, once you eat vitamin C-rich entire meals, you’re getting different essential antioxidants. For instance, solely 30 % of the antioxidants in strawberries come from vitamin C. However, there are different vitamins and antioxidants in strawberries, referred to as flavonoids, that make them nutritious and useful for your immune system.


Protein powder is a particular addition to this smoothie recipe, and has benefit past merely contributing to your each day requirement of the macronutrient.

While fruit is a wholesome staple, it’s nonetheless a supply of sugar. That means it may trigger your blood sugar to spike after which crash. For that purpose, I normally restrict my smoothies to incorporate just one or two servings of fruit. Then, including a serving of protein powder (about 25 grams) into fruit smoothies additional helps stabilize blood sugar as we digest—particularly very first thing within the morning.

A fast tip About Vitamin C Foods

With all of the emphasis on vitamin C for immune well being, there’s a key level to notice about getting essentially the most of your consumption via entire meals.

If you’re making an attempt to optimize your vitamin C consumption from contemporary fruit and veggies, it’s greatest to get pleasure from them uncooked. Otherwise, you possibly can prepare dinner them for a brief time frame. Vitamin C is water-soluble, that means that boiling meals reduces their vitamin C content material greater than another cooking technique.

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